Sessions & Prices

Tintypes and ambrotypes are done at my studio on the edge of the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Sizes are 4" x 5" (which is particularly suited to animals and children due to the camera I use); 5" x 7"; the classic and beautiful 19th-century "whole plate" size, 6 1/2" x 8 1/2"; 8” x 10”; and my newest addition, 11x14".

Prices for 2019 are as follows:

4x5: $150.

5x7: $225

6.5x8.5: $275

8x10: $350

11x14: $500.

These prices include a scan you can use for social media or keep on your phone or device. 

I generally take several shots so you have more than one to choose from, and there is no charge unless we come up with something you like. If you happen to want more than one, any additional plates are half price. 

These photos are one-off items--unlike with a negative, from which multiple prints can be produced, one and only one original will ever exist--but a high-resolution scan will allow beautiful inkjet prints to be produced, and even enlarged if desired. I can supply those, printed with archival pigment ink on beautiful fine-art paper on an Epson P800 printer, for $50 per print. I can also suggest framing and display ideas. Note that tintypes require varnishing (or, in the case of glass, the application of a black backing) and hence are delivered at a later date, typically after several days. Tintypes also make unique gifts.

Please click the “Galleries” button to see more images. 

"The photographs Mike captured of my fiance and I are almost magical -- one of which is clearly the best photograph ever taken of me. Working with him was an absolute pleasure, and I could not be happier with the results of this amazing process." - Dan G., Silverlake