Modern Tintype offers two-day workshops, taught in conjunction with Brian Cuyler of UV Photographics, the chemical guru who supplies many of the wet plate photographers around the country with their chemistry. We limit classes to five students, and there are often fewer, so instruction is very hands-on. Plus we have at least two darkrooms available at all times. You wil learn how to shoot your own tintypes (and/or ambrotypes, on glass) from the ground up, and will be able to go home at the end of the first day with several (beautiful!) varnished plates.

If you'd like more practice shooting, the second day provides an opportunuty for supervised practice and a more informal exchange of ideas, maybe even some exprimentation with larger plate sizes, etc. All materials are included for both days, and you will have the use of my cameras, lenses and lighting at the Modern Tintype spread near downtown Los Angeles. You can concentrate on portraits, indoors or out, or we can explore the urban environment surrounding the studio. You can even bring a spouse, child or friend if you'd like to capture them as a subject. 

Please email or call if you have any questions. The next workshop is Oct 19-20; for registration please go to:


"This is a fantastic workshop with something to offer everyone from beginners to experienced wet plate photographers. The chemistry is perfectly calibrated. There are a range of cameras, lenses, plate sizes and materials at your disposal. The instructors are a dynamic duo who, together, have an incredible range of expertise about both the technical and artistic aspects of the process. Bryan from UV Photographics is an innovator in the field who eagerly imparts his vast knowledge of the chemistry and shares his best practices. The workshop is held in Mike's studio at Modern Tintype, allowing you to observe Mike's personal process from plate prep to varnish. He is a true craftsman who blends studied technique with artistic intuition. It was a thrill to observe him in his rhythm. If you are lucky, he might even shoot your portrait. Both Bryan and Mike are incredibly flexible and willing to follow your lead. One participant wanted to shoot on her own Hasselblad so Bryan cut custom plates to fit her holder. Another participant wanted to shoot panoramas outdoors and Mike readily assisted. I have taken other wet plate workshops and I got my best results here. Bryan and Mike create a supportive environment in which you are encouraged to pursue your personal goals for the workshop. Highly recommend!!"